humatic: art is statement
2022 Slippery Slope
HUMATIC art group & production company
art is statement
selected works & events: 
2022 “Involvements” work ensemble @ H4MM
2022 CSSE2 Collaborative Stream Scape Event 
2022 CSSE1  
2020 Code Act TW w. V3, The Love of Metals
2019 Founding of the  AV Label
2015 ManuFact Pepper’s Ghost media system
2010-21 H_RP Humatic Re-Performance 
commissioned works / 3rd party realisations:
2021 I'd give it to you ..- by Guy BenNer
2019 MTT BOOMlab Music Touch Table 
2016 EyeCatcher / f. Olympus
Bibliorama Bibel Museum, Stuttgart. Digital-ia, Szczecin,
collabs: Nils Peters xmmc, V3, telematique, Joao Pais,
Norbert Schnell, IRCAM, Mieko Suzuki, Ming Poon,
Roberto Zappala, hÄK, Olivier Pasquet, FM Einheit,
Milo Rau, Luke Bennett, Manfred Krüger, Max Krüger,
Gwendaline Bachini, Todor Todoroff ,, Mirko Borscht
Milo Rau / Simone Eisenring & more.
venues & awards:
CYNET ART, biennale NEMO, Ars Electronica, Fahrbereitschaff Bln,
ZKM, Japan Media Arts Festival, EMPAC NY, Guthman New Musical
Instruments Award, Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts,
Biennale Munich, Neurotitan Berlin, Lab30, Momentum Worldwide,
ICAS/ECAS, TMA Hellerau, BEK Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts,
CARTES Flux Helsinki, Hot Mess Berlin, Norwegian Museum of Science & Medicine,
Favara Cultural Park, NAO PERFORMING FESTIVAL Milano, Parahouse Dessau,
Cinéma Marivaux Brussels, Hotel des Arts, Toulon, Krake Festival & more  
director: Christian Graupner aka VOOV
...studied graphics arts & drawing at Jürgen Brodwolf,
and taught himself music and media skills.
Guest lectures at the HGKZ Zurich, FH Potsdam &
Hannover design schools, Merz-Akademie & more.
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